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January 2, 2013
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Name: Edith Hayes

Gender: female

Age: 19

Job: N/A

Hair color: Cinnamon brown with various blond and brown highlights

Eye color: crystal blue

Attitude: A very honest and lively girl, she claims to be modest and impartial to those around her- causing her to also be biased. She hates those who are lazy and only finish half of the job- yet she's lazy herself. She acts pompously around those younger than her and is a bit quarrelsome when competing. Her words can be a bit vulgar sometimes and intentions can be malicious when others harm her friends and family- or possibly try to. She sticks up for her buddies in the difficult times and protects them no matter what, but overall, she is a rather jovial person.

Likes: chocolate, massages, cooking, sweets, playfighting, water

Dislikes: irresponsibility, rudeness, having to do everything, being misunderstood, selfishness

Crush: Ace from Alice in the Country of Hearts/Heart No Kuni No Alice

       If only Ace hadn't dragged me away into the forest, I would be having a great time hanging out with Boris and all my friends. But that stupid Ace just had to drag me along and because of him, I'M FALLING INTO SOME GREAT DEEP HOLE IN THE MIDDLE OF KNOWHERE!!!! Edith thought while trying to stop herself from screaming. She was dropping farther and farther down into some great dark hole with nothing to grab hold of.

       After a few minutes of just falling and her adrenaline beginning to diminish, she could see a small shimmer of light begin to form below her. The light began to grow the farther she fell in. It was so bright though that she was blinded by it. Closing her eyes and trying to scream, she felt herself hit something with great impact. It was cold and began to fill her lungs. She couldn't see anything because of the bright light earlier and began to swim in all directions.

       She found herself sucking in more ice cold water and falling further into the depths of it. Too weak to fight anymore she thought of all the people she had met in the Country of Hearts and her life before meeting them all. Beginning to close her eyes slowly, she suddenly felt something familiar grab hold of her waist and begin to pull her up out of the water but by then she had gone unconscious.


       "Boris, where are you taking me?" Edith asked the magenta haired humanoid cat. Edith had already been or so she thought had been in this magical world for five months at least. She had learned many things after being dragged here by some man in a mask and cloak who had said it was her oh so called destiny to change everything. The country was beautiful but the people were crazy, not caring about life and killing them even if it wasn't necessary. Heck, it was even a hobby for some people to just kill others. Anyways, her closest friend in this world was Boris, the, I guess you could call Cheshire Cat.

       "Isn't it obvious? There is a tea party going on at the Mad Hatter's mansion and both you and I were invited." Boris said with his cat tail swishing around, ears perked up, and a large grin spread across his face. Edith loved going to the Hatter's mansion for one thing, she always got to wrestle with Dee and Dum and secondly the sweets they served were fantastic!

       Both began talking to one another about the events that had happened today and they also laughed at the old memories they had with everyone. Both forgetting to be wary about their surroundings suddenly heard a rustle in the bushes.

       Boris getting Edith behind him and Edith telling him that she can protect herself and that he should get behind her were met by none other than the red knight, Ace.

       "Oh, hello guys!" Ace said joyfully. Both Edith and Boris gave a heavy sigh knowing that Ace was probably lost.  Ace noticing that he had bumped into Edith was delighted and began to walk forward and was about to give her a hug if Boris hadn't stepped in and brought up a gun towards Ace's head.

       "I think that's close enough Ace." Boris said while Edith said that wasn't necessary. Ace just smiled but something dark was beginning to creep out of him. He slowly put his hand on his sword but not taking it out…Yet. Knowing what would happen next, Edith got between both her close companion and crazy grinning friend trying to break up the two.

       "Now guys, I don't want any bloodshed today seeing as how it's not necessary and will definitely make me unhappy." Edith said. Both guys looked at her. Boris not wanting Edith to hate him put his gun away.

       "If that's what Edith wants then I won't cause any fight today." Boris said before pulling Edith to his side. Ace was going to let Boris off the hook but just seeing the cat get a little clingy and overprotective of Edith made Ace want to cause pain to the cat even more.

       "Hmmm…" Ace said smiling. Edith with quick reflexes was in front of Boris eyes an icy blue color.

       "That's enough Ace" She hissed. Ace intrigued by Edith's confidence laughed a little before letting go of his sword completely. A moment of silence passed between all of them before Boris started pushing Edith towards the direction of the Hatter's mansion. Edith never lost eye contact with Ace until they were a good distance apart. Her body stayed tense until they were almost at the front gates.

       "Well we made it in one piece!" Boris said before elbowing Edith in the arm causing her to grin. Both of the Bloody Twins came to great them and were about to give Edith a hug until she suddenly vanished with a good whiff of wind passing them. Blinking, they all began to call out her name.

       Edith was about to give the twin a big hug when she suddenly felt herself be lifted from the ground by her waist. Only seeing blurs of greenery and a red jacket did she come to the conclusion that she was being kidnapped. Trying to struggle for freedom did she only find Ace's arm squeeze her puny waist even harder.

       "LET ME GO!" Edith yelled before Ace stopped and gently put her down. Her hair was a mess and her eyes were a little teary after the high speed Ace was running at. Catching her breathe and looking up at the still cheerful knight made Edith want to punch him in the nose.

       "Are you crazy! I was about to have a tea party with my friends, eat sweets, and wrestle with the twins. Thanks a lot for ruining my day Ace." Edith said letting all her rage out. Ace looked at her a little confused. He though she would be happy that she wouldn't have to see those people. He also just wanted to mess around with her and see if she would change anything if he kidnapped her.

       "Well, what's done is done. Let's go have some ice cream now!" Ace said.

       "HELL NO STUPID!" Edith yelled at this idiot. Knowing that there was no way this guy would be able to help her find her way back decided to walk in the direction in which she though he had started running from.

       "Hey! Where are you going?" Ace asked with a look of disappointment growing on his face.

       "Back to the Mansion where I BELONG!" Edith marched off, stomping with every step she took until she suddenly heard a cracking noise. Looking below her, a sudden crack appeared in the ground where she had stepped. It grew larger every time she moved. Looking back at the idiot who was confused himself did she suddenly feel herself falling down.


       Ace rushed as fast as he could towards the surface of the water. Edith was already unconscious and was getting closer to the point where he wouldn't be able to bring her back. Reaching the surface he quickly swam to the cold rocky shore.

       Laying her down gently, he listened for that beautiful heart beat. It was still beating but was getting shallower. Quickly he started to do CPR. Still, nothing was working. Giving it one last shot he pulled her head back and blew air into her lungs.

       Shocked, Edith pushed Ace away hurriedly and got rid of the water that was choking her. Coughing and shivering, she looked up at her savior only to find the guy she least wanted to see at the moment but at the same time, he had saved her from drowning. Confusion and hesitation all played over her face. Ace just looked at her not even smiling for once.

       "Are you okay?" He asked her. Of course she wasn't okay! She just fell like ten thousand feet into a pit of darkness and nearly drowned because of this guy. Edith about to yell at him suddenly felt light headed and before she knew it, she had collapsed.

       Nearly three day shifts had passed before she woke up again. Opening her eyes, she found herself in a somewhat large but still small tent in a sleeping bag. She felt the warmth within her and didn't feel like getting out until she remembered that Ace was around somewhere.

       Hearing the sound of a crackling fire, Edith slowly got up and crawled out of the tent. In front of her lay a warm fire and across the fire to the other side lay Ace. Ace noticing that Edith had woken up looked at her and smiled.

       "Would you care to join me for some s'mores?" Ace asked holding up his golden brown marshmallow on a stick. Edith letting go of her anger for the moment decided she may as well enjoy herself until someone found them. Nodding her head, she walked towards Ace and sat down right next to him.

       Ace handed her a stick and marshmallow for her to put over the fire. He also put a blanket over Edith before getting comfortable. Both just watched the fire crackle and burn making small sparks go here and there. The sound of the waterfall nearby had a calming affect over Edith. A lot had happened for her today. She knew that she should be angry at Ace but she couldn't bring herself to hate him.

       "Uhm…Edith, your marshmallow is burning…" Ace said nudging her with a smile played over his face. Realizing what was happening; she quickly pulled her marshmallow out of the fire and tried blowing it out. Feeling a little sad knowing that her marshmallow would be crisp and burnt she just looked at it.

       Ace noticing Edith's small disappointment, took off the burnt layer of the marshmallow only to show a creamy white colored marshmallow underneath. Grabbing some chocolate and gram crackers, he helped Edith create her s'more.

       "Here you go." Ace said handing her the masterpiece they had both created.

       "Uhm…Thanks." Edith replied before taking a bite. Tasting the sweetness of the marshmallow and the gooiness of the chocolate with the gram crackers giving it that crunch smiled in satisfaction.

       "It's really good." She told Ace with a cheery expression. Ace looked at her and nodded before kind of wanting a taste of it.

       "I want some of Edith's s'more too!" Ace said a little whiny. Edith plopped the last bit of her s'more in her mouth and licked her fingers.

       "Sorry Ace, you have to ask faster." Edith said smirking. Knowing that she had outsmarted Ace this time made her feel pretty good until she suddenly felt Ace grab her waist again.

       Wanting to get a little pay back, Ace brought Edith closer and without any hesitation, brought her face close to his and harshly but with passion, kissed her. Shocked at this madness going on, Edith was about to push him away but his kiss was luring her in. Her heart was beating faster and she could feel her ears burn with embarrassment. She could no longer hear the waterfall or the fire crackle. All she could see is Ace's handsome face up close to hers.

       Closing her eyes, she kissed him back. A little surprised to find Edith kissing him back, he gently clasped her face and deepened the kiss with more passion. Ace's hair falling down from his face gently brushed Edith's cheek making her giggle and making Ace want to hear her voice even more.

       "Edith!" They both heard someone call out. Breaking away from their passionate kiss, Edith was alarmed, surprised at what she had done.

       "Edith!" The voices drew closer. A legitimate cheery smile lay across Ace's face. Edith trying to pull herself back together tried to avert her sky blue eyes from his chocolate colored ones.

       "I guess they found us." He said before quickly getting up and gathering all of his stuff. A moment passed before Edith knew that this had been his plan all along. She had fallen down a random pitch black hole and had nearly drowned but had somehow made it back into one of the forests probably close to the hatter's mansion.

       "What do you mean found us?!" Edith angrily said at Ace.

       "Well, we're still the in the Country of Hearts you know. I should go before your friends start attacking me." Ace put his red coat back on and was about to leave. Edith could hear her friends drawing closer.

       "You planned this…Didn't you!" Edith said getting off the ground and walking towards Ace about to give him a piece of her mind. Before that though, he grabbed her now familiar waist and brought her close to him giving her yet another kiss, this one being a lot gentler than the last.

       "May we meet again and share our passion for one another, my dear Edith." Were Ace's last words before disappearing into the forest. Edith, feeling the heat burn in her cheeks yelled Ace's name with anger into the night but what she really was trying to say is,

I love you too.
Based off of Heart No Kuni No Alice or in English known as Alice in the Country of Hearts. Sorry if it's a little confusing but that's what I was aiming for since this is well, pretty much Wonderland just with a different name. :)

Commission for :iconloneblueblossom:
Word Count: 2,540
Time Taken: 3 Hours


All rights to picture go to Makise Kurisu on

:points: Commissions Open!
loneblueblossom Jan 4, 2013  Student Writer
Awwww! I loved it! Thank you so much! ^^
LadyChoCho Jan 5, 2013  Student General Artist
You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for commissioning me. :iconarigatouplz:

loneblueblossom Jan 6, 2013  Student Writer
I have commissioned you again if you are still taking them! :3
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